Moombah 2018-19 overview 1
Come join Mr. Tom, Miss Erica, Chad, Steve and the entire Moombah gang for Mr. Tom's Magical Moombah! Fun! Contests! Jokes! Lots of songs! Dancing around! The Shedd Institute's Magical Moombah is a musical vaudeville for kids that will come to the Jaqua Concert Hall 3 times this year! Usually the gang shows up FOUR times a year, but they have to miss the fall because The Shedd is remodeling…so make sure to mark your calendars for the 3 we WILL have! Filled with skits, songs and contests, the Moombah is designed to introduce youngsters to the great folks and popular songs that everyone should know.
Each production of Mr. Tom's Magical Moombah takes place at 10 am and 1 pm and is one hour long. Tickets are $5 and includes access to a special edition of The Shedd music school's popular Music Box at 11:15 am the same day! Buy your ticket in The Shedd Living Room before the show or at The Shedd Ticket Office.
SPECIAL FRIDAY SCHOOL PROGRAM. On the Friday before each Saturday Moombah, at 10:15 am, The Shedd presents a special performance of the show designed especially for area school and home school groups. The fee for each school is $3/student ($2/Title 1 student) plus $3/teacher or adult chaperone. Contact Teresa (541.434.7015 or to sign up!).
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