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Music School Programs
The Shedd Institute's Community Music School offers classes and private lessons for all ages in a wide range of musical instruments and styles. The school also offers summer music camps, a school music enrichment assembly program, and special workshops associated with select Shedd concerts.
Private Lessons
Private Lessons
Private and semi-private lessons run all year round at The Shedd and can be arranged to fit into your schedule and interests. You can sign up for private lessons any time and start right away. Just contact the Registrar's office, and we'll be glad to help you set up lessons for yourself or your child. Private Lessons...
Music Course
Music Courses
Our academic year corresponds roughly to that of Eugene-Springfield's public school calendar: Ten to 12 week courses are offered fall, winter and spring, with camps filling summer break. You sign up for courses on a term by term basis, but some you may join in-progress. Spring Term, 2018...
Mariachi Sol de Mexico
Music & World Cultures
Music and World Cultures is our assembly-style offering to area schools and home schoolers. We hold a 10:15 am performances by select guest artists throughout the year, featuring a wide range of musical genres, including jazz, Hawai'ian, Bluegrass, taiko, American folk music, and more. Each program comes with a curriculum packet for participating classes.
Summer camp
Summer Camps
Each summer we offer a range of music camps for elementary, middle, and high school students featuring a variety of musical experiences, from Summer SongFest (an introduction-to-music camp for elementary schoolers) and Musical Theatre Sampler (which introduces middle schoolers to the many facets of one of America's great musical traditions), to our advanced performance-oriented Musical Theatre Training Academy for high schoolers looking at a career in musical theatre, to camps in jazz, chamber ensemble, and guitar. Look for camp dates in late April!
old lady bass
Notes from the director... - June, 2018
The Music Box
Summer...Time To Play With Others
by Ginevra Ralph, Director of Education
A woman told me that singing was the way she made new friends. Her husband’s job relocated them every two years, and she promptly sought out the local community singing groups in each new town. The love of raising voices together was all it took to open doors and get over that hump of meeting new people. Summertime at The Shedd encourages young musicians to do the same. Come learn something new along with new – after the first day -- friends. continue reading...
3 budding violinists
School Philosophy
The Shedd Institute's mission is "to serve as a cultural center where people find and nurture community through discovery, creation, and celebration.” Our Community Music School reflects this mission in practice by encouraging experimentation (with instruments, instructors, musical styles) and the joy of making personal connections; responding to inquiry and supporting collaborations; and eliminating the stultifying “pressure of excellence” when celebrating student learning.
You are the music. The Shedd Institute Music School provides private and semi-private music, voice, and dance instruction designed to fit you and your interests. Our primary goal is that our students continue to make music throughout their lives for their own enjoyment, to share with your family and friends, not to perform in Carnegie Hall! At The Shedd, you are the music, and the music is for you!
We believe that it is critical for each student to find the instrument, musical style(s), and instructor that best fit his/her interests, learning styles, schedule, and budget. Often, that "fit" changes with the student's growing experiences, and we provide options for students to make those changes flexibly and without feeling guilty about it.
Financial Aid
The School offers need-based financial aid for youth and adult students alike, thanks to the generosity of donors and corporate sponsors, so that cost is not a barrier to learning music. Confidential financial aid applicaiton forms can be downloaded online (below) or picked up at the Registrar's office. Submit the appropriate form for either a class or private lessons to the Registar.
Current term catalog PDF
Current Term catalog PDF
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