Music Box violin lesson
It's Back to [Music] School!
It’s “Back to [Music] School” -- for all ages! We have a great line up of 30 private lesson Faculty and 11 different classes for you to choose from this year.
Classes are a fun way to get started on an instrument, such as Beginning Piano, or to make music with others, like our Rock Bands and Mariachi. Dancer Kellee Blanchard returns to Eugene with her dynamic movement and tumbling classes for toddlers, while Laura Hiszczynskyj expands our offerings for musical theater performers. Most uniquely, we welcome Linda Diaz, lead instructor for a special “choir” of deaf participants learning to sign to songs performed live.
We also offer private and semi-private instruction on most instruments, voice, and dance– and encourage busy families and friends to make music together. “Design your own” class – a bluegrass band, saxophone quartet, violin trio, or a cappella group, and we’ll match you with the right coach. You can start these lessons at any time. At The Shedd, we encourage experimentation to find your own special “fit” – with an instrument, with an instructor, with musical styles. No one ever “quits” making music at The Shedd – they just try something different!! We create life-long music-makers who do it for the love of it.
The Music Box is a weekly class that lets younger students try at least 10 different instruments each term to help find that “fit”. They learn first-hand what it feels like to blow on a saxophone or a trumpet, how to squeeze an accordion, or bow a cello. Students can attend each week or just drop in. We encourage parents or grandparents to attend, and even participate, in order to have that special conversation over dinner to help their child identify the instrument(s) they love best! Adults can even create their own Music Box experience by just scheduling a sample lesson or two on several instruments.
Come enjoy the deep satisfaction of making music for yourself!
Focus on the Classes...
Ballet & Tumbling for Toddlers
With over 10 years of teaching, dance instructor Kellee Blanchard returns to Eugene after establishing her own studio Calliope in San Francisco. Her approach to engaging toddlers into the basics of dance is to focus on their innate imagination and joy of movement. She uses stories and poems to teach skills, introducing basic ballet and tumbling such as somersaults, cartwheels, bridges, and handstands. Kellee notes that “Ballet and tumbling are a great combination, strengthening a child's body and building confidence and creativity at the same time.” Read more...
Intermediate Rock Band
Drummer, bassist and studio musician Bibs Goff will be expanding his middle school Rock Band curriculum into more advanced work in classic rock and roll. Laying down the foundations and history of what made the originals great, the Band will learn music by the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, and Bob Marley & the Wailers. His current students will continue in this sequence, and new students are welcome to join the beginning Rock Band section or this one if they are more intermediate or advanced. Vocalists and all instrumentalists are encouraged to join! Read more...
Breaking The Sound Barrier Deaf and Hard of Hearing Choir
We welcome Linda Diaz who leads this exciting addition to Shedd programming that offers all community members the opportunity to learn to sign songs performed live by acoustic guitarist and vocalist Alan Fish. Founded by Diaz, the original group has been comprised of deaf and hard of hearing individuals who advocate for their communities through song. They now invite the community to join them in this unique experience of music making to share different cultural and communication experiences, effectively breaking the sound barrier between the hearing and non-hearing worlds. Read more...
Musical Theatre Dance for Youth
The Shedd Institute’s performance division has been mounting the wonderful musical theater classics of the 1920s-1950s with Shedd dance instructor Laura Hiszczynskyj often featured as choreographer, dance captain and performer. This class is designed to enhance the dance and audition skills of youngsters interested in performing in school and community-based productions. Read more...
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