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Founded in early 1942 as a quasi-governmental organization within the Army’s Special Service Division, the Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) was responsible for boosting the morale of servicemen through a variety of radio programs offering the types of news and entertainment they were used to back home. These programs
KLCC 89.7 FM I'll Be Seeing You, our opening festival concert, will be broadcast live by KLCC 89.7 FM. Your hosts will be Cina Kraft and Eric Alan.
were produced in Los Angeles because of its proximity to the entertainment industry and were distributed weekly in the form of transcription discs to cooperating overseas radio stations (most notably the BBC) and the Army’s own network of 800-odd shortwave radio stations associated with the Armed Forces’ theatres of operation throughout the world. Although not heard in the States, AFRS programs were very similar to home front commercial programs with the added special focus on servicemen themselves. Many of the programs, like G. I. Jive, Command Performance, and Mail Call encouraged servicemen to write in with requests and were called out and even bantered with “on the air”.
G. I. Jive was a 6-day per week 15 minute jukebox-style jazz program that played 4 to 5 popular songs and instrumentals in response to servicemen requests. Initially run by a rotating series of disc jockeys, G. I. Jive soared in popularity when Martha Wilkerson, a breezy blonde with a girl-next-door voice, took over hosting in late 1943 using the handle “G. I. Jill”. Wilkerson opened each show with some variation of “Hiya fellas! This is Jill again inviting you to join me at the jukebox for another session of G.I. Jive!”, filled 15 minutes with notably knowledgeable comments on the music and playful banter with her fans on all sorts of subjects, and ended, very fetchingly, with "Good morning to some of you, good afternoon to some more of you, and to the rest of you…good night."
To kick off this year’s festivities, Jesse Cloninger and company offer up a rich, fun-filled re-creation of G.I. Jive, filled with great tunes and G.I. Jill banter selected from the original episodes.
Event Personnel
Jesse Cloninger, music director
Jesse Cloninger, reeds
Josh Hettwer, reeds
Joe Manis, reeds
Idit Shner, reeds
Tony Glausi, trumpet
Byron Stripling, trumpet, vocals
Justin Woodward, trumpet
Glenn Bonney, trombone
Joe Freuen, trombone
Glenn Griffith, trombone
Larry Fuller, piano
Chuck Redd, drums, vibes
Lynn Seaton, bass
 American Patrol
(1885) F. W. Meacham (m)
 I've Heard That Song Before
(1942) Youth On Parade Sammy Cahn (w) Jule Styne (m)
 I'm Gonna See My Baby
(1944) Phil Moore (w/m)
 G. I. Jive
(1944) Johnny Mercer (w/m)
 Song Of India
(1937) interpolated into Las Vegas Nights Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (m)
 Sierra Sue
(1916) Joseph B. Carey (w/m)
 Why Don't You Do Right?
(1936) Kansas Joe McCoy (w/m) [based on Weed Smoker's Dream]
 Strip Polka
(1942) Johnny Mercer (w/m)
 One Meat Ball
(1944) Lou Singer, Hy Zaret (w/m)
 I'll Be Seeing You
(1938) Right This Way Irving Kahal (w) Sammy Fain (m)
 Take The 'A' Train
(1939) interpolated into Reveille with Beverly Joya Sherrill (w) Billy Strayhorn (m)
 Green Eyes
(1929/31) Adolfo Utrera (sp), Eddie Rivera (en), Eddie Woods (en) (w) Nilo Menéndez (m)
 On The Sunny Side of the Street
(1930) Lew Leslie's International Revue Dorothy Fields (w) Jimmy McHugh (m)
 And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine
(1944) Joe Greene (w) Stan Kenton, Charles Lawrence (m)
 East Of The Sun
(1934) Stags At Bay Brooks Bowman (w/m)
(1898/1935) Carlo Tiochet (it), Jerry Castillo (en) (w) Alberto Pestalozza (m)
 Drum Boogie
(1941) interpolated into Ball Of Fire Gene Krupa, Roy Eldridge (m)
 Honeysuckle Rose
(1929) Andy Razaf (w) Fats Waller (m)
 Blue Skies
(1927) Betsy Irving Berlin (w/m)
 Don't Fence Me In
(1936) Robert Fletcher (w) Cole Porter (w/m)
 Opus One
(1943) Sid Garris (w) Sy Oliver (m)
 Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive
(1944) Here Come The Waves Johnny Mercer (w) Harold Arlen (m)
(1942) Orchestra Wives Mack Gordon (w) Harry Warren (m)

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