One Meat Ball
Lou Singer/Hy Zaret (w/m)
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One Meat Ball
Hy Zaret
Lou Singer
A little man walked up and down,
And found an eating place in town,
He looked the menu thru and thru,
To see what fifteen cents could do.
One meatball,
One meatball,
He could afford but one meatball.
He told a waiter near at hand,
The simple dinner he had planned,
The folks were startled one and all,
To hear that waiter loudly call,
"One meatball,
One meatball,
Hey! This here gent wants one meatball!"
The little man felt ill at ease,
And said "Some bread, sir, if you please".
The waiter's voiced roared down the hall,
"You gets no bread with one meatball!
One meatball,
One meatball,
You gets no bread with one meatball!"
The little man felt very bad,
But one meatball was all he had.
Now in his dreams he hears that call,
"You gets no bread with one meatball,
One meatball,
One meatball,
You gets not bread with one meatball!"
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One Meat Ball
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