Notes from the director... - May 2023
by Heidi Turnquist, Director of Education
It’s TIME: One thing most of us STILL have these days is an unexpected amount of time on our hands!! Hopefully we'll be out of all of this soon, but having so many months of relative inactivity has reminded me of of the greatest barriers to making music: time. Consistently "time" is the biggest obstacle that people give as the reason they aren’t learning and playing music.
So, there is no time like the present to fill all these hours with something both productive and rewarding, and which will last long after this crazy episode in our history is over!
Now’s the time to try out that instrument you have always been curious about – what does it feel like to play a banjo? Or “Amazing Grace” on bagpipes? What can someone wearing braces on their teeth play? What do electronic drums sound like through the headphones? Can they truly replicate the feel of real drums and cymbals?? Time to find out!!
What time? You can schedule in-person or on-line lessons Monday through Friday, 9:30 to 5:30. Lessons can be weekly or on a schedule that best fits your personal calendar. Come join us for some great fun….It’s about time!!
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