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Jerry Douglas has been described as the Jimi Hendrix and the Charlie Parker of acoustic music. The New York Times has called him "dobro's matchless contemporary master." He has won five Grammy Awards, several Grammy Acknowledgments, and countless specialized awards. Though he got his start in bluegrass, he has made an impact in fields ranging from rock'n'roll to jazz, from blues to Celtic, from mainstream country to contemporary classical. Known for his work with Allison Krause, he is a bandleader in his own right and composer and soloist on some of the finest instrumental recordings of the past quarter century. Those recordings have ranged from sparkling, traditional bluegrass to rule-bending improvisation. "I play a lot of sessions." He points out, "Those are other people's projects. In an effort to figure out who I am, I sat down and tried to identify what ties the music all together. On this record, "Lookout for Hope" I feel I have arrived at that point of discovery. It's not bluegrass, jazz, classical or rock'n'roll; it's an amalgamation of all those things."

OFAM is pleased to present Jerry Douglas and his band Friday, June 27 at The Shedd.

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Jaqua Concert Hall
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
285 E Broadway
Eugene, Oregon