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Mention the 1940s and most people automatically think of the big bands and the names of Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman and Count Basie. But it was also a decade in which singers, small groups and song writers emerged from those bands to establish their own identities. It was the decade in which influences from outside the mainstream (country-western and rhythm-and-blues for example) began to influence American popular music in a very lively manner, and some of the music from the early 1940s is still resonant today. We will examine the music of such groups as the King Cole Trio and Louis Jordan and such songwriters who emerged to fame as Jimmy Van Heusen, Matt Dennis and Bobby Troup. We admit that for the first time we have not established a base for our programs in the 1925-35 decade, but please indulge us, for there are some real personal favorites here and we just had to do it!
Event Personnel
Steve Stone, artistic director & band leader
Shirley Andress, vocalist
Michael Stone, vocalist
Frank Kenney, reeds
Steve Owen, reeds
Craig Bender, reeds
Bob Bork, reeds
Dave Bender, trumpet
Tim Clarke, trumpet
Ernie Carbajal, trumpet
Chris Peters, trumpet
Caleb Standafer, trombone
Glenn Bonney, trombone
Vicki Brabham, piano
Mark Forrest, guitar, banjo
Nathan Waddell, bass
Alan Tarpinian, drums
(1942) Freddie Slack, Gay Jones (m)
 Jersey Bounce
(1941) Buddy Feyne (w) Bobby Plater, Tiny Bradshaw, Edward Johnson (m)
(1941) Bobby Troup (w/m)
 Angel Eyes
(1946) Earl Brent (w) Matt Dennis (m)
 Won't Someone Please Belong To Me
(1955) Bobby Troup (w/m)
 Six Flats Unfurnished
(1942) Richard Maltby (m)
 Let's Get Away From It All
(1941) Matt Dennis, Tom Adair (m)
 Lover's Leap
(1946) Bob Higgins (m)
 Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe
(1942) Cabin In The Sky Yip Harburg (w) Harold Arlen (m)
 Will You Still Be Mine
(1940) Tom Adair (w) Matt Dennis (m)
 Moonlight In Vermont
(1944) John Blackburn (w) Karl Suessdorf (m)
 Hit That Jive, Jack
(1941) Skeets Tolbert, Johnnie Alston (w/m)
 Four Brothers
(1946) Jimmy Giuffre (m)
 G. I. Jive
(1944) Johnny Mercer (w/m)
(1945) Mel Powell (m)
 You're Lookin' At Me
(1956) Bobby Troup (w/m)
 The Man With A Horn
(1946) Young Man With A Horn Eddie DeLange, Bonnie Lake, Jack Jenney (w/m)
 The Meaning Of The Blues
(1957) The Great Man Leah Worth (w) Bobby Troup (m)
 Everything Happens To Me
(1941) Tom Adair (w) Matt Dennis (m)
 Leave Us Leap
(1945) Ed Finckel (m)
 Harlem Nocturne
 Java Jive
(1940) Milton Drake (w) Ben Oakland (m)
 The Night We Called It A Day
(1941) Tom Adair (w) Matt Dennis (m)
 Route 66
(1946) Bobby Troup (w/m)
 Baby, Baby All The Time
(1946) Bobby Troup (w/m)
(1945) Louis Jordan (w/m)

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