The Latin Tinge
Fri, Apr 28 - Sat, May 13
Latin music has had more influence on American popular culture than any other source outside the United States. From the late 1920s till the end of World War II Latin music moved into the mainstream as American popular song composers incorporated Latin elements into their works and Latin American composers entered the popular song field. Their combined efforts have produced many standard songs that remain favorites to this day – “Perfidia”, “Besame Mucho”, “Adios”, and many others.
Words by Jacques Charles, Lucienne Boyer - Music by José Padilla
 La Violetera
Words by Eduardo Montesinos (sp) - Music by José Padilla
 Heat Wave
(1933) As Thousands Cheer
Words & music by Irving Berlin
 The Breeze And I
Words by Al Stillman (en) - Music by Ernesto Lecuona
uses melody of Andalucía
 Casa Loma Stomp
Music by Gene Gifford
 I'll Take Tallulah
(1942) Ship Ahoy
Words by Yip Harburg - Music by Burton Lane
 Bésame Mucho
Words by Consuelo Velázquez (sp), Sunny Skylar (en) - Music by Consuelo Velázquez
Words by Milton Leeds - Music by Alberto Domínguez
 Mambo #5
Music by Dámaso Pérez Prado
 Six Lessons From Madame La Zonga
Words by James V. Monaco - Music by Charles Newman
 Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry
(1942) The Fleet's In
Words by Johnny Mercer - Music by Victor Schertzinger
Words by Bob Russell (en), S. K. Russell (en) - Music by Ary Barroso
translation of Aquarela do Brasil
Featured composers, lyricists, creators
Ary Barroso, 1903-1964
Irving Berlin, 1888-1989
Lucienne Boyer, 1903-1983
Jacques Charles, -
Alberto Domínguez, -
Gene Gifford, 1908-1970
Yip Harburg, 1896-1981
Burton Lane, 1912-1997
Ernesto Lecuona, 1895-1963
Milton Leeds, 1909-2005
Johnny Mercer, 1909-1976
James V. Monaco, 1885-1945
Eduardo Montesinos, -
Charles Newman, 1901-1978
José Padilla, 1889-1960
Dámaso Pérez Prado, 1916-1989
Bob Russell, 1914-1970
S. K. Russell, 1914-1970
Victor Schertzinger, 1888-1941
Sunny Skylar, -
Al Stillman, 1906-
Consuelo Velázquez, 1916-2005
April, 2000
Fri 28, 7:30 pm: Florence
Sun 30, 2:30 pm: Roseburg
May, 2000
Fri 12, 8:00 pm: Eugene
Sat 13, 8:00 pm: Salem
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