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The '50s was a period of profound seriousness -- the Cold War was underway and folks were building bomb shelters in their basements, Senator Joseph McCarthy was brandishing his infamous list "of 205 ... card-carrying members" of the Communist Party, and nine black children were denied access to school in Little Rock. But the period was also markedly innocent and hopeful as Americans put WWII behind them and proceeded to take full advantage of post-war prosperity, new forms of entertainment, and the leisure that modern technology and a flush economy afforded many. As we're trying to show throughout this year's festival, the music and cultural life of the age reflected both extremes. This afternoon's concert is dedicated to the lighter aspects of the musical scene (which got especially goofy towards the end of the decade!). So kick back and enjoy a little of the silly side of the '50s: "How Much Was That Doggy In The Window" (1953), "Wake Up Little Susie" (1957), "Purple People Eater" (1958), "Splish Splash" (1958), "Yackety Yak" (1958), "Get A Job" (1958), "Lollipop" (1958), "Tequila" (1958), "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Poka Dot Bikini" (1960), "Monster Mash" (1962), and more!
Event Personnel
Dick Hyman, piano
Terry Burrell, vocals
Ian Whitcomb, vocals
Al Caiola, guitars
Frank Capp, drums
Doug Miller, bass
Matt Shevitz, saxophones
Alan Tarpinian, percussion
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AA28.00  24.00  22.50  21.00  14.00 
A24.00  20.50  19.25  18.00  12.00 
B20.00  17.00  16.00  15.00  10.00 
O16.00  13.75  13.00  12.00  8.00 
Jaqua Concert Hall
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
285 E Broadway
Eugene, Oregon
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