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Oregon Festival of American Music is proud to welcome comic genius Mort Sahl to open the 2nd week of OFAM 2004.
A provocative political satirist, Mort Sahl single-handedly revolutionized the comedy medium to create an art form with a scope and impact far beyond mere slapstick and gags. In the ’50s, nightclub comics told jokes with punch lines. They wore suits. They kept things light and inoffensive. Mort wore V-neck sweaters and had a sort of conversational delivery. He got up on stage and free-associated––digressing right and left about relationships, current events and politics. And he wrapped up his shows with that catch-phrase: "Is there any group I haven’t offended?" Sahl's conversational, free-associative style forever elevated the stand-up stage into a respected forum for eye-opening social commentary, and in the process opened the door for future legends ranging from Lenny Bruce to George Carlin to Woody Allen.
Sahl will be joined by the Dick Hyman Small Band for an evening of comedy and jazz to be remembered!
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