Hollens - From Pop To Broadway 1
The Contemporary Songbook Project VI
Evynne Hollens: From Pop to Broadway
Fri Oct 25, 7:30-9:30 pm
Jaqua Concert Hall, The Shedd Institute
Twin Rivers Plumbing
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Evynne Hollens' Contemporary Songbook Project returns, in its 6th edition, celebrating the modern American musical. This year's show highlights famous pop artists who wrote hit Broadway musicals, with music by Elton John, Sting, Sara Bareilles, Cyndi Lauper, Duncan Shiek & Anaïs Mitchell, featuring selections from the award-winning Broadway musicals, The Lion King, Spring Awakening, Kinky Boots, Waitress, Billy Elliot, Aida, The Last Ship and the newest Broadway smash-hit Hadestown.
Evynne Hollens is joined by vocalists Siri Vik, Dylan Stasack, Adriana Ripley, and Charles Cook with Vicki Brabham on the keys for another fabulous evening of music from the “contemporary” American Songbook.
Event Personnel
Evynne Hollens, artistic director
Vicki Brabham, music director, band leader
Evynne Hollens, vocals
Siri Vik, vocals
Adriana Ripley, vocals
Vicki Brabham, vocals
Dylan Stasack, vocals
Charles Cook, vocals
Vicki Brabham, piano
Jack Radsliff, guitar
Nathan Waddell, bass
Ken Mastrogiovanni, drums
Kathryn Brunhaver, cello
Gus Russell, synthesizer
Scenes & Musical Numbers
Cyndi Lauper
 Girls Just Want To Have Fun
(1983) Robert Hazard (w/m)
 Time After Time
(1984) Cyndi Lauper, Rob Hyman (w/m)
 True Colors
(1986) Tom Kelley, Billy Steinberg (w/m)
 History Of Wrong Guys
(2012) Kinky Boots Cyndi Lauper (w/m)
 King Of Pain
(1983) Sting (w/m)
 Every Breath You Take
(1983) Sting (w/m)
 The Last Ship
(2014) The Last Ship Sting (w/m)
 When We Dance
(2014) The Last Ship Sting (w/m)
 Fields Of Gold
(2014) The Last Ship Sting (w/m)
Elton John
 Bennie And The Jets
(1973) Bernie Taupin (w) Elton John (m)
 Your Song
(1970) Bernie Taupin (w) Elton John (m)
(2000) Billy Elliott Lee Hall (w) Elton John (m)
 My Strongest Suit
(1998) Aida Tim Rice (w) Elton John (m)
 The Circle Of Life
(1997) The Lion King Tim Rice (w) Elton John (m)
Sara Bareilles
 Opening Up
(2015) Waitress Sara Bareilles (w/m)
 When He Sees Me
(2015) Waitress Sara Bareilles (w/m)
 She Used To Be Mine
(2015) Waitress Sara Bareilles (w/m)
 Everything Changes
(2015) Waitress Sara Bareilles (w/m)
(2013) Sara Bareilles (w/m)
(2007) Sara Bareilles (w/m)
Duncan Sheik
 Barely Breathing
(1996) Duncan Sheik (w/m)
 Mama Who Bore Me
(2006) Spring Awakening Steven Sater (w) Duncan Sheik (m)
 All That's Known
(2006) Spring Awakening Steven Sater (w) Duncan Sheik (m)
 The Song of Purple Summer
(2006) Spring Awakening Steven Sater (w) Duncan Sheik (m)
Anaïs Mitchell
 Young Man In America
(2012) Young Man In America Anaïs Mitchell, (w/m)
 Road To Hell
(2016) Hadestown Anaïs Mitchell, (w/m)
 Livin' It Up On Top
(2016) Hadestown Anaïs Mitchell, (w/m)
 When The Chips Are Down
(2010) Hadestown Anaïs Mitchell, (w/m)
(2010) Hadestown Anaïs Mitchell, (w/m)
 Wait For Me
(2010) Hadestown Anaïs Mitchell, (w/m)
 Chant I
(2016) Hadestown Anaïs Mitchell, (m)
 Why We Build The Wall
(2010) Hadestown Anaïs Mitchell, (w/m)
 Opening Up (finale)
(2015) Waitress Sara Bareilles (w/m)

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Jaqua Concert Hall
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
285 E Broadway
Eugene, Oregon
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