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No single songwriter had more hits during the WWII years than the fellow who wrote the song for which we named our 2016 tribute to the popular music of WWII, Johnny Mercer. It could simply be that his career was hitting its peak exactly during the war years, or it could be the down-home demeanor of his songs, or their upbeat spirit. For whatever reason, Mercer songs were everywhere, and a huge number of them were at the top of the charts. And as a singer and entertainer as well, Mercer also contributed to the war effort directly, mostly as a part of the AFRS radio broadcasts -- his Johnny Mercer's Music Shop, which ran 1944-45, featured him, Jo Stafford, the Pied Pipers with June Hutton, and an occasional guest artist like backed by Paul Weston and his orchestra were sharp, upbeat affairs that always kicked off "Hi there fellas, hope you feel tip top. This is Johnny Mercer and his music shop! All you soldiers, sailors and marines out there, All you gals in the service, we're on the air!...Hope we get your steady vote, we remain yours truly, unquote!"
Jesse and company dedicate this afternoon concert to a swell selection from the master of down-home "aw-shucks" and "positive". Look for such classics as "Blues In The Night", "That Old Black Magic", "Skylark", "You Were Never Lovelier", "Jeepers Creepers", "My Shining Hour", "Tangerine", "One For My Baby", "Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive", of course "G.i. Jive" and more!
Event Personnel
Creative Team
Jesse Cloninger, director
Jesse Cloninger, reeds
Tim Clarke, trumpet
Larry Fuller, piano
Chuck Redd, drums, vibes
Lynn Seaton, bass
 Bob White
(1937) Johnny Mercer (w) Bernie Hanighan (m)
(1941) The Fleet's In Johnny Mercer (w) Victor Schertzinger (m)
 G. I. Jive
(1944) Johnny Mercer (w/m)
 Hit The Road To Dreamland
(1942) Star Spangled Rhythm Johnny Mercer (w) Harold Arlen (m)
(1936) Johnny Mercer (w) Matty Malneck (m)
 You Were Never Lovelier
(1942) You Were Never Lovelier Johnny Mercer (w) Jerome Kern (m)
 My Shining Hour
(1943) The Sky's The Limit Johnny Mercer (w) Harold Arlen (m)
 Too Marvelous For Words
(1937) Ready, Willing, Able Johnny Mercer (w) Richard Whiting (m)
 I'm Building Up To An Awful Let-Down
(1935) Johnny Mercer (w) Fred Astaire (m)
 Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry
(1942) The Fleet's In Johnny Mercer (w) Victor Schertzinger (m)
 Hooray For Hollywood
(1937) Hollywood Hotel Johnny Mercer (w) Richard Whiting (m)
 Fools Rush In
(1940) Johnny Mercer (w) Rube Bloom (m)
 I'm An Old Cowhand (From The Rio Grande)
(1936) Rhythm On The Range Johnny Mercer (w/m)
 Blues In The Night
(1941) Blues In The Night Johnny Mercer (w) Harold Arlen (m)
 Jeepers Creepers
(1938) Going Places Johnny Mercer (w) Harry Warren (m)
 One For My Baby
(1943) The Sky's The Limit Johnny Mercer (w) Harold Arlen (m)
 That Old Black Magic
(1942) Star Spangled Rhythm Johnny Mercer (w) Harold Arlen (m)

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