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Che Malambo Che Malambo Che Malambo Che Malambo
Che Malambo
Thu May 26, 7:30-9:00 pm
Silva Concert Hall, Hult Center
The Hult Endowment
The Hult Endowment
Isler CPA
The Eye Center
  • Description
The Shedd Institute is proud to present one of the most extraordinary and moving evening of movement and sound you will ever experience! Che Malambo arose from the language and expressions of the Gaucho experience as a solo dance performed by men. Award winning choreographer, Gilles Brinas, has adapted two Malambo styles featuring powerful foot stomping from the North and and the subtler Southern style in bare feet. The rhythms are echoed by "bombos," large, fat, rustic drums, "boleadoras," or bolas (long, thin ropes with two or more stones attached at the ends), accentuated by passionate songs and live musical accompaniment.
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A36.00  32.50  30.75  29.00  18.00 
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C28.00  25.25  24.00  22.50  14.00 
D24.00  21.75  20.50  19.25  12.00 
Silva Concert Hall
Hult Center for the Performing Arts
One Eugene Center
Eugene, Oregon
Isler CPA
The Eye Center