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On February 12, 1924 at Aeolian Hall on 42nd Street, Paul Whiteman and his Palais Royal Orchestra presented An Experiment in Modern Music. Whiteman mounted the concert to demonstrate to the attendant New York musical establishment (which included the likes of John Phillip Sousa and Sergei Rachmaninoff) how "to make a lady out of jazz", as he put it at the time, by showing how the apparently horribly discordant new music (which he represented through the squawks, wild rhythms and general hokum of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band's 1917 "Livery Stable Blues") contained important elements of what he termed "the true form of jazz" that, for all its flaws, could at the very least be "a stepping stone which will make it very simple for the masses to understand, and therefore, enjoy symphony and opera." The program opened with the ODJB abomination and concluded with Elgar's Pomp And Circumstance…with a progression of musical refinements, culminating with the ultimate stepping stone: a new piece by the young composer George Gershwin, the brilliant tone poem Rhapsody in Blue.
This evening, for our final concert of Oregon Festival of American Music 2024 Winter –only 2 weeks shy of the 100th anniversary of that premier–Chuck Redd leads the Festival orchestra with Ted Rosenthal at the piano in tribute.
Event Personnel
Chuck Redd, artistic director
Lynnea Barry, vocals
Siri Vik, vocals
Bill Hulings, vocals
 Rialto Ripples
(1919) Sinbad Irving Caesar (w) George Gershwin (m)
 Mischa, Jascha, Toscha, Sascha
 Blue Monday
(1922) George White's Scandals 4th Edition Buddy DeSylva (w) George Gershwin (m)
 I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise
(1922) George White's Scandals 4th Edition B. G. DeSylva, Arthur Francis (w) George Gershwin (m)
 Somebody Loves Me
(1924) George White's Scandals 6th Edition Ballard MacDonald, B. G. DeSylva (w) George Gershwin (m)
 Fascinating Rhythm
(1924) Lady, Be Good Ira Gershwin (w) George Gershwin (m)
 Oh, Lady, Be Good!
(1924) Lady, Be Good Ira Gershwin (w) George Gershwin (m)
 The Man I Love
(1924) Strike Up The Band Ira Gershwin (w) George Gershwin (m)
 Someone To Watch Over Me
(1926) Oh, Kay! Ira Gershwin (w) George Gershwin (m)
 Isn't It Wonderful
(1924) Primrose Ira Gershwin, Desmond Carter (w) George Gershwin (m)
 The Half Of It, Dearie, Blues
(1924) Lady, Be Good Ira Gershwin (w) George Gershwin (m)
 That Certain Feeling
 Looking For A Boy
 Little Jazz Bird
(1924) Lady, Be Good Ira Gershwin (w) George Gershwin (m)
 Prelude No. 2 for piano (Blue Lullaby)
(1926) George Gershwin (m)
 Rhapsody In Blue

January, 2024
Sa 27 7:30 pRhapsody In Blue: Eugene
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