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Hapa 2022
Barry Flanagan and Kenneth Makuakane
Thu Oct 13, 7:30-9:00 pm
Jaqua Concert Hall, The Shedd Institute
Verda Giustina
concert sponsor
Verda Giustina
concert sponsor
The Eye Center
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  • Description
We are pleased to welcome HAPA back to Jaqua Concert Hall, Thursday, October 13th. Barry Flanagan and Kenneth Makuakāne play Hapa's trademark mix of historic and contemporary Hawai’ian music laced with Latin flourishes and a dash of American acoustic folk and rock. Like the islands themselves, Hapa's music is an amalgam of influences ranging from ancient Polynesian rhythms and genealogical chants to the strummed ballads of Portuguese fisherman and Mexican cowboys, and the inspired melodies and harmonies of the traditional church choirs of the early missionaries. Add a dose of American acoustic folk/rock, and you have what has been described as the “most exciting and beautiful contemporary Hawaiian music the world knows!” (Maui Times).
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Thursday Oct 13
6:00 pmDinner before Hapa
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Jaqua Concert Hall
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
285 E Broadway
Eugene, Oregon
The Eye Center
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