Jeepers Creepers
Going Places, (1938)
Jeepers Creepers
Johnny Mercer (w)
Harry Warren (m)
Going Places, 1938
I don't care what the weatherman says-
When the weatherman says it's raining,
You'll never hear me complaining,
I'm certain the sun will shine.
I don't care how the weather vane points-
When the weather vane points to gloomy,
It's gotta be sunny to me
When your eyes look into mine.
Jeepers Creepers!
Where'd ya get those peepers/
Jeepers Creepers!
Where'd ya get those eyes?
Gosh all git up!
How'd they get so lit up?
Gosh all git up!
How'd they get that size?
Golly gee!
When you turn those heaters on,
Woe is me!
Got to put my cheaters on.
Jeepers Creepers!
Where'd ya get those peepers?
Oh! Those weepers!
How they hypnotize!
Where'd ya get those eyes?
Sugarplum, I just haven't a chance
When you look round and show those eyes-es.
You sure hand out great surprises-
One melting look and I'm done.
Somehow they lead me, and do they lead
Down the road to complete disaster?
Each new day I'm fallin' faster-
You're the rock I perish on.
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