Hello! Beautiful!
Hello Beautiful
Walter Donaldson
Walter Donaldson
01/26/1931Golden Gate Or (Twc)Clarion5224100480
01/26/1931Frank Auburn & H.O.(Wallace)Harmony1279-H100480
01/26/1931Ted Wallace & His OrchestraParlophone34176404831
01/26/1931Frank Auburn & H.O.(Wallace)Velvet Tone2302-V100480
01/27/1931Ernie Golden & His OrchestraChampion16217X2879
01/27/1931Harold Johnson's Boys (Golden)Superior2610X2879
01/27/1931Snooks Memphis StompersVictor23038-A67408
01/28/1931Jack MillerClarion5250151244
01/28/1931Jack MillerHarmony1283-H151244
01/28/1931Jack MillerVelvet Tone2316-V151244
02/09/1931Ed Kirkeby & His OrchestraConqueror768910406
02/09/1931Ed Kirkeby & His OrchestraOriole221010406
02/09/1931Kirkeby EdRomeo157410406
02/10/1931Clevelanders (Will Osborne)Supertone2175E36044
02/19/1931Chick BullockOriole223110433
02/19/1931Chick Bullock & Levee LoungersRomeo159510433
02/20/1931Wayne King & His OrchestraVictor2264267516
02/22/1931Maurice ChevalierVictor22634-A67465
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