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Sunny, (1925)
Dixie DaisiesCameo8341689
Chuck Foster & His OrchestraMercury51621448
Sam Lanin & His OrchestraPathé Actuelle36316106237
Al BernardVocalion15179-B
06/10/1925Cliff EdwardsPathé10904106082
06/10/1925Cliff EdwardsPathé25149106082
06/10/1925Cliff EdwardsPerfect11583A106082
09/03/1925Sam Lanin & His OrchestraPathé10963106237
09/03/1925Sam Lanin & His OrchestraPerfect14497106237
10/06/1925Baltimore Society OrchestraOriole5156210
10/06/1925Hollywood Dance OrchestraRegal99266210
10/17/1925Newport Society Orchestra (Selvin)Banner16216210
10/21/1925Whitey Kaufman's SerenadersVictor19834-B33605
10/27/1925Eddie Peabody & His OrchestraBanner16476261
10/27/1925Eddie Peabody And His OrchestrRegal99536261
10/30/1925Ipana TroubadorsColumbia503-DW141228
10/30/1925Lou Gold & His OrchestraHarmony61-H141224
10/31/1925Crescent City Red JacketsChampion15049G09803
10/31/1925Flash Miller's OrchestraGennett3180G09803
11/19/1925Vincent Lopez & His OrchestraOkeh4051673767
12/27/1925Isham Jones & His OrchestraBrunswick299417252=53
1925Sunnystagestage originalintroduced
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