I'm The Top
[You're The Top]
Dick Tracey In B flat, (1945)
Meredith Willson (w), Cole Porter (m)
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I'm The Top
Meredith Willson (w), Cole Porter (m)
Dick Tracy In B flat, 1945
I'm The Top
Ted Kohler (w), Cole Porter (m)
I'm the top.
I'm the vicious Flattop.
I'm the top.
Got it in for that cop.
I'm a naughty boy
The pride and joy
Of sin.
So I sank my claws in
Old Droopy Drawers
And locked him in!
I'm a jerk
And the people love it
Never work
And I'm right proud of it.
I have lots of fun
When my water gun
Goes pop!
So if you want someone flat
Call Flattop!
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