All Alone
Music Box Revue 1923, (1924)
Aug 9OFAM 2006Come On And Hear!Jaqua
Aug 10OFAM 2006You're Just In LoveJaqua
Jul 29OFAM 2009Rhapsody In BlueSilva
Aug 9OFAM 2012Bricktop'sJaqua
Ben SelvinAjax17103
Monette MooreAjax17124-B
The CharmersAladdin3337CAP2723
Soul StirrersAladdin2020203
Orpheum Melody MakersBell309
Charles HartBell322
Statler Hotel Dance OrchestraCameo6041166=A
William RobynCameo6251191
Al Goodman & His OrchestraColumbia36452CO31033
Ken GriffinColumbia38846CCO5146
Paul Weston & His OrchestraColumbia39610HCO4581
Justin TubbDecca2959088114
Bar Harbor Society OrchestraEmerson1080142734
Frisco SyncopatorsMerrit114341919
Post IrvingMerrit11440
Vincent Lopez & His OrchestraOkeh4022672882
Bruce WallaceOkeh40227
George BronsonOriole2765657
Marek Weber & His Famous OrchestraParlophoneE 10338
Vincent Lopez & his Hotel Pennsylvania OrchestraParlophoneE 5308S-72882-B
Bruce Wallace (ten) with Justin Ring TrioParlophoneE 5314S-72950-B
Selvin's Do (Bar Harbor)Pathé10847105635
Bar Harbor Society OrchestraPathé Actuelle36161105635
Bar Harbor Society OrchestraPerfect14342105635
Wayne King & His OrchestraRCA Victor20-1897
Beryl DavisRCA Victor20-2706
Walter SchumannRCA Victor20-5478
Frank Flynn (G.Bronson)Regal97305657
Bar Harbor Society OrchestraSilvertone2418A42734
Bar Harbor SoSilvertone302713751
Waikiki Hawaiian TrioSunset1054380
Victor Salon OrchestraVictor2032131090?
John McCormackVictor1067A2
Victor Salon OrchestraVictor19505-A31084
Jones + MurrayVictor5846
Irving KaufmanVocalion14908-A13816
Marie Dawson Morrell, Violin (Cliff Hess, Piano)Vocalion14942-A
04/05/1911Ada Jones & Walter Van BruntColumbiaA101019284
04/11/1911Ada Jones & Billy MurrayVictor16884-A10171
09/10/1924Abe Lyman & His OrchestraBrunswick2742-A13765
09/12/1924Paul Whiteman & His OrchestraVictor19487-A30817
09/22/1924Bar Harbor Society OrchestraVocalion14895-A13751
09/26/1924Carl Fenton & His OrchestraBrunswick2739-A13851
10/02/1924Al Jolson W Ray Miller's OrchestraBrunswick2743-A13865
10/02/1924Willie Creager & His OrchestraGennett5581G09110
10/07/1924Lee Morse And Her Blue Grass BoysPathé Actuelle32102AN105595
10/07/1924Lee MorsePerfect12181A105595
10/09/1924Roy Collins Dance OrchestraOriole2855667
10/09/1924Bar Harbor Society Orchestra [Regal97195667
10/21/1924Cliff EdwardsPathé Actuelle32090105614
10/21/1924Ukulele Ike (Cliff Edwards)Perfect12169A105614
10/22/1924The CavaliersColumbia235-D140111
10/30/1924Lewis JamesVictor19495-A30975
11/01/1924Tremaine BrosGennett5601-AG09163a
11/01/1924Tremaine BrosGennett3047G09163a
12/20/1924Cliff EdwardsPathé25124105733
12/20/1924Cliff Edwards (Ukelele Ike)Pathé10804105733
12/20/1924Cliff Edwards (Ukelele Ike)Perfect11558A105733
01/19/1925Paul Specht & His OrchestraColumbia284-D140348
01/22/1925International Novelty OrchestraVictor1957031751
04/17/1929Dan Hornsby's OrchestraColumbia15769-DW148325
11/25/1930Golden Gate OrchestraClarion5188150974
05/12/1933Art Shaw & His New MusicParlophoneR 2661B
04/02/1934Jesse RodgersBluebirdB625682763
05/13/1937Art Shaw And His New MusicBrunswick789921134
04/16/1938Connee Boswell / Harry SosnikDecca1889-ADLA1223
06/18/1938Sandy WilliamsConqueror908423131
06/18/1938Sammy Williams & 3 NaturalsVocalion419723131
07/08/1938Frank Novak & His BoysVocalion456723207
06/13/1939Paul Whiteman & His OrchestraDecca2691-A65783
07/05/1939Vincent Lopez Suave Swing OrchestraBluebirdB1039740252
12/05/1939Dick Robertson & His OrchestraDecca3031-B66934
07/02/1941Dinah ShoreBluebirdB1127866177
12/28/1947Dick Haymes / Carmen CavallaroDecca24423L4767
1923Music Box Revue 1923stagestage originalintroduced
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