I Can Cook Too
On The Town, (1944)
Betty Comden/Adolph Green (w), Leonard Bernstein (m)
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I Can Cook Too
Betty Comden (w), Adolph Green (w), Roger Edens (m)
On The Town, 1944
I'd make a magaxin cover:
I do keep house on a dime:
I make a wonderful lover
I should be paid overtime
'Cause I can cook, too
On top of the rest,
My seadfood's the best
In the town;
And I can cook, too
My fish can't be beat;
My sugar's the sweetest around
I'm a man's ideal of a perfect meal,
Right down to the demitasse
I'm a pot of joy
For a hungry boy
Baby, I'm cookin' with gas,
Oh, I'm a gum drop:
A sweet lollypop:
A brooktrout right out of the brook;
And what's more baby,
I can cook
Oh, I can bake, too
On top of the lot
My oven's the hottest you'll ever find;
Oh, I can roast, too
My chickens just ooze;
My gravy will lose
You your mind
I'm a brand new note
I'm a table d'hote,
But just ry my a la carte
With a single course
You could choke a horse
Baby, you won't know where to start
Oh, I'm an horsd'oeuvre
A jelly preserve,
That's not in the recipe bookd!
And what's more baby,
I can cook
Oh, I can fry, too
On top of the heap
My crisco's as deep as a pool;
Oh, I can broil, too
My ribs get applause;
My lamb chops will cause you to drool
For a candied sweet
Or a pickled beet
Step up to my smorgasbord
Go around until
You have had your fill
Baby, you'll never be baord
Oh, I'm a pate
A marron glace
A dish that you'll wish that you took!
And what's more baby,
I can cook
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I Can Cook Too
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