My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now
Irving Caesar (w), Cliff Friend (m)
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Jul 31-Aug 9ST 2015Whoopee!Jaqua
Billy Murray & Walter ScanlanPathé Actuelle32400
Sam Lanin & His OrchestraPathé Actuelle36880108410
Billy Murray & Walter ScanlanPerfect12479
Paulson Nighthawks (Grosso)Supertone9275AX2115
09/28/1928Lou Gold & His OrchestraHarmony745-H147085
09/28/1928Lou Gold & His OrchestraVelvet Tone1745-V147085
10/02/1928Ruth EttingColumbia1595-DW147092
10/04/1928Paul Mills And His Merry MakersCameo83493387
10/04/1928Sam Lanin's OrchestraPerfect15061A108410
10/04/1928Broadway BroadcastersRomeo7723387
10/06/1928Bernie Cummins & His OrchestraBrunswick4083-BE28455
10/17/1928Ernie Golden And His OrchestraBanner7244A8251
10/17/1928St.Louis Nighthawks (Golden)Conqueror71928251
10/17/1928Ted White's Collegians (Eg)Oriole13598251
10/18/1928Radio ImpsBanner62478381
10/19/1928Gay Ellis & Her Novelty OrchestraHarmony766-H147154
10/19/1928Gay Ellis & Her Novelty OrchestraVelvet Tone1766-V147154
10/22/1928Champion Dance KingsChampion15593X2115
10/22/1928Elmer Grosso Greenwich OrchestraGennett6643X2115
10/22/1928Les BackerVocalion15737C2472
11/01/1928The Goofus Five & Their OrchestraOkeh41138401281
11/10/1928Guy Lombardo Royal CanadiansColumbia1636-DW147504
11/21/1928National CavaliersVictor2179448193
11/23/1928Jean Goldkette & His OrchestraVictor2180548617
12/07/1928Radio ImpsRegal86938381
1928Whoopeestagestage originalinterpolated
My Blackbirds Sare Bluebirds Now - 2 My Blackbirds Sare Bluebirds Now - Whoopee My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now - Eddie Cantor My Blackbirds Sare Bluebirds Now
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