That's My Weakness Now
Sam Stept/Bud Green (w/m)
That's My Weakness Now
Bud Green (w/m)
Sam H. Stept (w/m)
Love, love, love, love,
What did ya do to me?
The thins I never missed,
Are things I can't resist.
Love, love, love, love,
Isn't it plain to see?
I just had a change of heart,
What can it be?
She's got eyes of blue,
I never cared for eyes of blue,
But she's got eyes of blue,
And that's my weakness now
She's got dimpled cheeks,
I never cared for dimpled cheeks,
But sh'es got dimpled cheeks,
And that's my weakness now
Oh! my Oh! me
Oh! I should be good,
I would be good, but gee
She likes to bill and coo,
I never liked to bill and coo,
BUt she likes to bill and coo,
And that's my weakness now.
Love, love, love, love,
Gee! but I'm glad I fell
Just think of what I missed
By never being kissed
Love, love, love, love,
Couldn't resist your spell
Guess you know the reason now
Well, can't you tell?
She talks baby talk,
I never cared for baby talk,
But she talks baby talk,
And that's my weakness now
She likes 'gagement rings,
I never liked 'gagement rings,
But she like 'gagement rings,
And that's my weakness now
Oh! yes Oh! yes
And we're headin' for the parson's door I guess
She likes a family,
I never liked a family,
But she likes a family,
And that's my weakness now.
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