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Jaqua Concert Hall
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Shedd Ticket Office
Will Call desk

Gemma Williams
Shedd Presents 2022-23
Gemma Williams
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GEMMA WILLIAMS is a Willamette valley local who is an acoustic singer-songwriter. She has been a part of music since she could pick up an instrument at 5, with keen interests in guitar, piano, bass, drums, kalimba and many more. She has involved herself in many ensembles, including Divisi, the University of Oregon’s premiere treble Acapella group. While in Divisi, she arranged music, organized workshops and helped lead as business manager. She’s even been a lead singer for a Stevie Wonder tribute band.
Feb 25-26SP 2022-23she is BROADWAYJaqua
Gemma Williams appears in these Shedd Presents 22-23 events:
The Eye Center
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