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Albert Brumley
Shedd Presents 2022-23
Some Bright Morning
Albert E. Brumley
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Albert E. Brumley was an American shape note music composer and publisher, prolific in the genre of southern gospel. Born into a family of cotton sharecroppers, he entrolled in the Hartford [Oklahoma] Musical Institute, associated with the Hartford Music Company. He purchased the company in 1948, subsequently renamed Brumley Music. He wrote over 800 songs. He established the Albert E. Brumley Sundown to Sunup Gospel Sing (now Albert E. Brumley Gospel Sing) in 1969 in Springdale, Arkansas. Brumley has been inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, Gospel Music Hall of Fame, and Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.
 I'll Fly Away
(1929) The Wonderful Message
Albert E. Brumley works are featured in these Shedd Presents 22-23 events:
Friday Oct 28
7:30 pLynnea Barry: I'll Fly Away
Saturday Oct 29
7:30 pLynnea Barry: I'll Fly Away
Sunday Oct 30
4:00 pLynnea Barry: I'll Fly Away
Saturday Mar 18
7:30 pLynnea Barry: Some Bright Morning
Sunday Mar 19
4:00 pLynnea Barry: Some Bright Morning
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