Shedd Presents 2014-15
Hear My Song
Nathan Alef
Nathan began his musical career long before he can remember, starting formal training on the piano at three years old. Guided by great teachers and mentors, he got an early start to his professional career, playing in pit bands, church ensembles, and accompanying vocalists. As a teenager, Nathan spent most of his free time in musical theatre productions, and by eighteen, he began music directing for UO Theatre, Oregon Contemporary Theatre, and LCC, among others. He graduated from the University of Oregon Music School with an B.A. in Jazz Studies (performance) in Spring of 2014, and continues to work full time as a composer, arranger, session player, performer, as well as an audio and video producer. Nathan is most active on YouTube, performing with Evynne Hollens, YamaYama, and as a solo artist.
May 30-31SP 2014-15Hear My SongJaqua
Apr 15-17SP 2015-16Siri Vik: Do I Move You?Jaqua
May 4-7SP 2016-17Evynne Hollens: Who Tells Your Story?Jaqua
Apr 27-28SP 2017-18Evynne Hollens: Real BroadwayJaqua
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