Shedd Presents 2016-17
Evynne Hollens: Who Tells Your Story?
Bryn Garland
BRYN GARLAND is a sophomore at Marist High School. She has participated in theatre for eight years with her most recent shows being: Summer 2014 MTTA's The Revue at The Shedd Institute, Seussical at MHS and at Actors Cabaret of Eugene. Bryn recently placed 3rd in her school talent show with her performance of the Jerome Kern classic, "The Way You Look Tonight”. Outside of theatre she enjoys swimming, teaching swim lessons, and being with her amazing friends and family. Bryn would like to thank her mom for always being there for her, her vocal teacher, Shirley Andress, and the cast and crew of Winter 2015 MTTA's The Gershwins.
Mar 14SW 2014-15The Gershwins!Jaqua
Jun 17-26ST 2016Funny FaceJaqua
May 4-7SP 2016-17Evynne Hollens: Who Tells Your Story?Jaqua
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