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Concrete Loveseat
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Concrete Loveseat is all heart. This eclectic band of 7 have threaded elements of every genre they love into a unique musical experience that defies expectations and suspends audiences in a journey through love and ache, passion and reverie. From soulful to sultry, Concrete Loveseat brings original songs and reimagined renditions of loved as well as little known pieces from artists the world over. The cohesion of their sound is a result of their deep sense of family in each other and their ability to create and perform with a togetherness that brings each breath and nuance into unison.
After their playful beginning foray into jazz with their first album, Sky Inside the Sound, Concrete Loveseat devoted two years to discovering the sound inside themselves and co-created a body of original work that transcends genres and labels. Their second album, Breathing and Breaking, is just that…an opening and surrendering into the heart and its myriad expressions.
Concrete Loveseat is Cynthia Valentine ~ vocals; Marty Chilla ~ rhythm guitar; Austin Bowles ~ piano; Daniel Gallo ~ guitar; Bob Schlichting ~ bass; Beau Eastlund ~ drums; Rick Cobian ~ percussion; and Paul Biondi ~ winds.
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Concrete Loveseat appears in these The Shedd Welcomes 14-15 events:
Saturday Apr 11
8:00 pA Night For Sight 2015 Concert
The Eye Center
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