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Shedd Theatricals 2013
No, No, Nanette!
Shannon Coltrane
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Shannon Coltrane (Pauline) studied acting at USC learning, immersing and rehearsing for stage and screen. She left LA to travel through Europe, and stayed for a year in a tiny alpine village in Switzerland as an aupair for a delightful baby boy. It was there that she fell in love with wine and discovered drama therapy (the use of drama and theatre techniques towards goals of psychological discovery and healing) and returned to study at NYU. Post Masters Shannon transplanted to Eugene and has enjoyed being a part of the rich theatre community acting and singing all over town, volunteering in schools using drama therapy, and showing her charisma as an educator at King Estate, Oregon's grandest winery. Shannon is thrilled to be working with the fabulous cast and crew of No, No Nanette and elated to bring you comic relief with Pauline. Love and luck to the fabulous Mr. Trevor Eichhorn!
Jun 16-19ST 2011Pal JoeyJaqua
Jul 29-Aug 12ST 2011Girl CrazySilva
Jun 14-17ST 2012Sweet CharityJaqua
Jun 12-16ST 2013No, No, Nanette!Jaqua
Dec 5-22ST 2013CamelotJaqua
Aug 1-10ST 2014Gentlemen Prefer BlondesSilva
Jun 17-26ST 2016Funny FaceJaqua
Jul 29-Aug 7ST 2016On The TownJaqua
Shannon Coltrane appears in these Shedd Theatricals 2013 events:
Wednesday Jun 12
7:30 pNo, No, Nanette!
Thursday Jun 13
7:30 pNo, No, Nanette!
Friday Jun 14
7:30 pNo, No, Nanette!
Saturday Jun 15
1:30 pNo, No, Nanette!
7:30 pNo, No, Nanette!
Sunday Jun 16
1:30 pNo, No, Nanette!
Thursday Dec 5
7:30 pCamelot
Friday Dec 6
7:30 pCamelot
Sunday Dec 8
1:30 pCamelot
Friday Dec 13
7:30 pCamelot
Saturday Dec 14
1:30 pCamelot
7:30 pCamelot
Friday Dec 20
7:30 pCamelot
Saturday Dec 21
7:30 pCamelot
Sunday Dec 22
1:30 pCamelot
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