Burg, Lyn 1
Shedd Theatricals 2018
Guys And Dolls
Lyn Burg
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  • Shedd Appearances
Aug 3-7OFAM 2002Crazy for You!Silva
Aug 8-15OFAM 2003Guys and DollsSilva
May 7-16JK 2003-04Hooray for Hollywood!
Oct 21-24JK 2004-05A String of Pearls
May 14-22JK 2004-05Cocktails For Two
Aug 6-12OFAM 2005Anything GoesSilva
Oct 6-9JK 2005-06‘Taint Whatcha Do (It’s the Way Howcha Do It)
Mar 2-11JK 2005-06Days of Wine & Roses
Jul 31-Aug 9ST 2009Oklahoma!Silva
Jun 14-17ST 2012Sweet CharityJaqua
Jun 8-17ST 2018RobertaJaqua
Jul 20-29ST 2018Guys And DollsJaqua
Aug 1OFAM 2018Live From The Emerald PalaceJaqua
Aug 11OFAM 2018Live From The Emerald PalaceJaqua
Sep 13-29ST 2019AnnieJaqua
Oct 23-24SP 21-22The music of Milagro, a new musicalJaqua
Dec 4-19ST2021Holiday InnJaqua
Jul 8-17ST2022Lady, Be Good!Jaqua
Jul 29-Aug 5OFAM 2022Brother Can You Spare A DimeJaqua
Dec 2-18ST2022The Sound of MusicJaqua
Lyn Burg appears in these Shedd Theatricals 2018 events:
Friday Jun 8
7:30 pRoberta
Saturday Jun 9
7:30 pRoberta
Sunday Jun 10
3:00 pRoberta
Friday Jun 15
7:30 pRoberta
Saturday Jun 16
7:30 pRoberta
Sunday Jun 17
3:00 pRoberta
Friday Jul 20
7:30 pGuys And Dolls
Saturday Jul 21
7:30 pGuys And Dolls
Sunday Jul 22
3:00 pGuys And Dolls
Friday Jul 27
7:30 pGuys And Dolls
Saturday Jul 28
7:30 pGuys And Dolls
Sunday Jul 29
3:00 pGuys And Dolls
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