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Shedd Presents 2011-12
Siri Vik: La Vie en rose
Lou Crist
As a multi-talented keyboardist, Lou Crist is extremely skilled performing on piano, synthesizer and accordion. He began his musical training at age seven, primarily on the accordion and then later on piano. Lou then studied arranging and composition at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Lou is a well known piano and accordion teacher in the Eugene-Springfield area.
Nov 11SP 2010-11Siri Vik: La Vie en roseJaqua
Nov 10-13SP 2011-12Siri Vik: La Vie en roseJaqua
Lou Crist appears in these Shedd Presents 11-12 events:
Thursday Nov 10
7:30 pmLa Vie en rose
Friday Nov 11
7:30 pmLa Vie en rose
Saturday Nov 12
7:30 pmLa Vie en rose
Sunday Nov 13
2:00 pmLa Vie en rose