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Holiday Inn
Jim Ralph
Jim Ralph is a co-founder of The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts, and served as President & Chairman of the company from 1991-95 and as Executive Director from 1995 to the present. He also serves as the company's chief program director and its marketing director.
Ralph was educated at the University of Oregon from which he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and an M. A. in Medieval Church History and History of the United States. An educator by training (he taught high school history and economics for a number of years), Ralph has played a central role in shaping The Shedd Institute's unique, multi-layered, and markedly educational approach to performing arts programming. He is the editor of the program books associated with The Shedd's various performance series (including Oregon Festival of American Music, The Jazz Kings, and Shedd Theatricals) and its quarterly magazine, CONTEXT+ .
Aug 12OFAM 2004Fullblown MermaidsJaqua
Aug 13OFAM 2004Pygmalion To My Fair LadyRecital
Aug 1OFAM 2005It's De-LovelyRecital
Aug 1OFAM 2007Richard Rodgers, 1902-1979Recital
Jul 29OFAM 2008Memories In Black & WhiteRecital
Jul 30OFAM 2008Pre-Code BettyRecital
Jun 20-29ST 2014Oh, Kay!Jaqua
Aug 15OFAM 2015The Unitegrated Musical ComedyRecital
Aug 2OFAM 2017OFAM 2017 intro: The Classic SongbookRecital
Aug 4OFAM 2017Shall We DanceRecital
Aug 4OFAM 2017Ira GershwinRecital
Aug 9OFAM 2017Cole PorterRecital
Aug 11OFAM 2017Lorenz HartRecital
Dec 1-17ST 2017Singin' In The RainJaqua
Jun 8-17ST 2018RobertaJaqua
Jul 20-29ST 2018Guys And DollsJaqua
Aug 1OFAM 2018Masters & Mentors: Introduction to OFAM 2018Recital
Aug 11OFAM 2018Frank LoesserRecital
Nov 30-Dec 16ST 2018White ChristmasJaqua
Sep 17-26ST2021The Pajama GameJaqua
Dec 3-19ST2021Holiday InnJaqua
Sep 9-25Peter PanJaqua
Jim Ralph appears in these Shedd Theatricals 2021 events:
Friday Sep 17
7:30 pmThe Pajama Game
Saturday Sep 18
7:30 pmThe Pajama Game
Sunday Sep 19
3:00 pmThe Pajama Game
Friday Sep 24
7:30 pmThe Pajama Game
Saturday Sep 25
7:30 pmThe Pajama Game
Sunday Sep 26
3:00 pmThe Pajama Game
Friday Dec 3
7:30 pmHoliday Inn
Saturday Dec 4
7:30 pmHoliday Inn
Sunday Dec 5
3:00 pmHoliday Inn
Friday Dec 10
7:30 pmHoliday Inn
Saturday Dec 11
7:30 pmHoliday Inn
Friday Dec 17
7:30 pmHoliday Inn
Saturday Dec 18
7:30 pmHoliday Inn
Sunday Dec 19
3:00 pmHoliday Inn