American Classics Concert
Liaisons Dangereuses
Fri, Aug 11, 7:30 - 10:00 pm
Silva Concert Hall, Hult Center
Maestro James Paul & the Festival Symphony Orchestra welcome Dick Hyman, world-renowned saxophonist Bob Wilber and the Eugene Ballet for a wonderful evening of French and American classical music. The program’s first half is dedicated to two fine examples from the pens of Les Six: Milhaud’s exotic, Latin American-laced ballet, Le boeuf sur la toit (Ox on the Roof), and Honegger’s smoldering 5th Symphony, "Di tre re". The second half is given to the Americans: Gershwin’s ever-popular An American in Paris (which he said was inspired by the works and philosophy of Les Six) and the neglected final ballet composition of the great soprano saxophonist Sidney Bechet, La colline du Delta (Hillside on the Delta), a ballet-fantasy based on the story of his grandfather Omar. Choreographed by Toni Pimble of the Eugene Ballet on commission from OFAM, this ballet presentation of La colline du Delta will be one of the first performances ever given of this beautiful piece, its American premiere and its world premier as a ballet. All in all, it will be an evening you will never forget.

Musical Genres: classical symphony orchestra & ballet

The Program:

Darius Milhaud Le boeuf sur la toit [1919]
Arthur Honegger Symphony No. 5 ("Di tre re") [1950]
Sydney Bechet La colline du Delta [1956]
World Premier ballet choreographed by Toni Pimble
Performed by The Eugene Ballet Company
Dick Hyman, guest conductor, Bob Wilber, soprano saxophone
George Gershwin An American in Paris [1928]

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Silva Concert Hall
Hult Center for the Performing Arts
One Eugene Center
Eugene, Oregon

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