Winter Term 2019
Private Lessons
Maggie Matoba
Background, professional training and performance history
Maggie Matoba is an Ukulele instructor specializing in Hawaiian-style techniques. She is the founder and coordinator of Mele Ohana 'O Eugene, a Hawaiian music players group, and Iron Mango Orchestra, a Hawaiian music performing group comprised of stringed instruments and vocalists. Maggie is also a band member of Hana Hou, playing traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music with ukulele, slack key guitar, slack key bass, and as back-up vocalist.
Her teaching background includes the Youth Arts Residents program with Lane Arts Council, and has taught hundreds of students from pre-school to 12 grade Hawaiian music and culture. She is the co-founder and creator of the Ukes for Kids program that awards ukuleles to area schools and organizations in the community who have or are contemplating incorporating the ukulele as part of their music program.
With Maggie, students listen to and learn the basics of Hawaiian music and Hawaiian (and non-Hawaiian) musical instruments like the ukulele, guitar, hand percussion and hula implements and learn how they are used: They experience Hawaiian culture and traditions, including language and pronunciation, ancient and modern hula, hand instruments, usage of hula implements, and sometimes lei-making. Ukulele is for children grades four and up and requires five sessions minimum. Rhythm and movement is open to all ages.
Maggie shares the incredible richness of the Hawaiian culture through a learning sequence that encompasses music, dance, history, and arts and crafts for a better understanding of the islands, its people and their heritage with an emphasis on perpetuating these art forms before they disappear. She also engages the contemporary culture of the islands and its historical evolution.
Artist statement and teaching philosophy
My goal with each student is for them to fully understand each technique and skill being taught, in order to fully synthesize them, and later master these elements. It also has to be fun. The ukulele is a happy, portable, and easy instrument to play, which accounts for its long-lasting popularity.
Instruments & classes taught
Maggie teaches ukulele.
Maggie Matoba teaches these Winter Term 2019 courses:
8:00 amPrivate Lesson
Music School Registrar
Winter Term 2019
Weekly Schedule
Winter Term 2019
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