Winter Term 2019
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Bibs Goff
Background, professional training and performance history
Bibs has been a professional musician since 1969. In his native Belize, he was a member of The Lord Rhaburn Band, The Chosen Ones, and The Vibrations. Since arriving in the Northwest, he has played with Tropical Rainstorm, Caracas, Native Pulse, Roots Connection, and Arousing Spirit. He founded and continues to lead the Reggae/Calypso band More Time. Bibs is an accomplished songwriter as well as musician. He has written both lyrics and music to many songs in his career. He has won two awards from the Billboard Song Contest for two of his compositions. He has recorded much of his own music as well as played on the recordings of many local musicians. Bibs owns his own small recording studio in Eugene. He has taught percussion, drums, guitar, and bass for the last 20 years and has taught at The Shedd for 10 years.
Artist statement and teaching philosophy
“My teaching style is to teach the basic fundamentals through musical and rhythmic patterns that lead students to play arrangements and compositions quickly. I am particularly good at encouraging students at all levels. I am a firm believer that all students can be successful in acquiring the skills needed to play an instrument, and that music is a part of life that everyone should be able to participate in. As a teacher, I encourage my students to listen to and explore all types of music as this will broaden their musical experiences as well as help develop their musical abilities. I want to help my students learn the fundamentals of playing their instrument, to feel confident in performances, and to develop a lifelong love of music. I look forward to sharing my love of percussion instruments, drum, guitar, and bass and welcome students of all ages and abilities.”
Instruments & classes taught
Bibs teaches electric guitar and bass, percussion, and all types of drumming to both children and adults.
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Music School Registrar
Winter Term 2019
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Winter Term 2019
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