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Siri Vik: Femme Fatale
Fri, Apr 28 - Sun, Apr 30
Jaqua Concert Hall, The Shedd Institute
Siri's new Shedd Presents cabaret evening explores Femme Fatàle, the controversial archetype and provocative muse of the ages.
Accompanied by a seven-piece chamber ensemble, Siri presents a three-set revue of wildly diverse music, stringing together arias from Carmen, Tosca and Lulu alongside songs from the Rolling Stones, Tom Waits, The Velvet Underground, Bjork, and some timeless jazz standards connected to the famous fatales of 20th century film noir.
As a whole, Femme Fatàle is a conversation-in-theater and music -- a conversation which moves beyond the stiletto heels and the come-hither voice, to the nature of desire and response to desire, objectification, fantasy, as well as the curious structure of self-versus-other -- the ways we continue to play out ancient roles and patterns of being, and the ways we perhaps transcend them and break into something new and free.
Event Personnel
Siri Vik, artistic director, vocals
Jesse Cloninger, music director, reeds
Jen Ferro, stage director
Dale Bradley, cello
Sean Flynn, viola
Nathalie Fortin, piano
Alistair Gardner, drums
Niels Miller, bass
Jack Radsliff, guitar
 Falling In Love Again
(1929) The Blue Angel
Music by Friedrich Hollander
 Minnie The Moocher
(1931) Cotton Club Revue, 19th Edition
Words by Irving Mills, Clarence Gaskill
Music by Cab Calloway
 Lied der Lulu
Music by Alban Berg
 Modest Maid
Words & music by Marc Blitzstein
 Venus in Furs
Words & music by Lou Reed
(1875) Carmen
Music by Georges Bizet
 Put The Blame On Mame
(1946) Gilda
Words & music by Allan Roberts, Doris Fischer
 It Ain't Me Babe
Words & music by Bob Dylan
 She's Funny That Way
Words by Richard A. Whiting
Music by Neil Moret
 Under My Thumb
Words & music by Keith Richards, Mick Jagger
 I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You
Words & music by Tom Waits
 Scene d'Amour
(1958) Vertigo
Music by Bernard Hermann
 Vissi D'arte
(1900) Tosca
Music by Giacomo Puccini
Words & music by Bjork
Words by Maurice de Féraudy
Music by Fermo D. Marchetti
 The Beast In Me
Words & music by Nick Lowe
 That's Alright
Words & music by Laura Mvula
 Cherchez la Femme
Words by August Darnell
Music by Stony Browder
Featured composers, lyricists, creators
Lou Reed, -
Bob Dylan, -
Nick Lowe, -
Bjork, -
Tom Waits, -
Giacomo Puccini, -
Bernard Hermann, -
Fermo D. Marchetti, -
Maurice de Féraudy, -
Laura Mvula, -
August Darnell, -
Stony Browder, -
Keith Richards, -
Mick Jagger, -
Neil Moret, 1877-1943
Alban Berg, 1885-1935
Georges Bizet, 1838-1875
Marc Blitzstein, -
Cab Calloway, 1907-1994
Doris Fischer, 1915-2003
Clarence Gaskill, 1898-1947
Friedrich Hollander, -
Irving Mills, 1894-1985
Allan Roberts, 1905-1966
Richard A. Whiting, 1891-1938
Ticket/Venue Info
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C20.00  18.00  17.00  16.00  10.00 
O16.00  14.50  13.75  13.00  8.00 
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