Heritage Concert 5
John H. & Casey J.
Sat, Aug 11, 2:00 - 3:15 pm
Soreng Theater, Hult Center
The Eye Center
Heritage Concerts Sponsor

Trains have affected the rhythms of folk music throughout the world, and this is as much the case for Mountain music as for any other genre. Bring the entire family for this afternoon with folklorist David Holt in a program of well-loved folks songs and stories...with a decidedly railroad bent!...including "Casey Jones", "John Henry" and more! No one in the old days had ever heard a powerful, syncopated sound like a train engine and driver wheels. Both blacks and whites picked up on this driving sound and it became part of the music. It is easiest to see in harmonica tunes and styles, but it's apparent in other instruments as well. During the concert Holt will explore these sounds and rhythms through a wide variety of instruments, including banjo and slide guitar, bones, washboard, jaw harp, mouth bow, body slapping rhythms, and paper bag. You won't want to miss it!

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Soreng Theater
Hult Center for the Performing Arts
One Eugene Center
Eugene, Oregon

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