Just A Crazy Song
Spencer Williams/Chick Smith (w/m)
Aug 13OFAM 2015Careless LoveJaqua
03/25/1931Jimmy Johnson & His OrchestraColumbia2448-DW151460
03/27/1931Blanche Calloway & Her OrchestraVictor2266168938
04/03/1931Phil Hughes High HattersClarion5304151482
04/03/1931Phil Hughes & High HattersHarmony1313-H151482
04/03/1931Wally Edwards OrchestraOkeh41492404902
04/03/1931Wally Edwards OrchestraParlophone34199404902
04/03/1931Phil Hughes & High HattersVelvet Tone2370-VW151482
05/26/1931Red Nichols & His OrchestraBrunswick6133E36830
05/27/1931Bill "Bo1/00/gles" RobinsonBrunswick6134E36834
07/08/1936Bill Bo1/00/gles RobinsonBrunswick770519526
07/08/1936Bill Bojangles RobinsonColumbia3018419526
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