Winter Term 2018
Private Lessons
Vicki Brabham
Background, professional training and performance history
Vicki Brabham is a native Eugenian with a Liberal Arts degree from Northwest Christian University (B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies & Communication, 1988). An early interest in gospel & popular music, musical theatre, and jazz, guided her to seek a diverse palette of professional environments. Many are surprised to learn that Vicki does not hold an “actual” music degree. “Life experience has awarded me multiple degrees, with as many hours logged on the bench to consider myself a pilot more than a passenger.” In the course of pursuing performing opportunities, Vicki opened a studio for private instruction. Embracing students of all ages, the goal was to keep the music fun, the relationship healthy, and commit to the long-term. With a handful of students, Vicki coached them as grade school beginners through their graduation from high school. “Looking back over 20+ years, giving piano lessons to those kids was one of my greatest joys and most rewarding accomplishments.” Vicki loves music of all varieties, is well (enough) versed in digital technology to help navigate the perils of keyboards, computers, and multi-track recording, and enjoys coaching students in composition, improvisation, and on-line tutorials. “It took my own young son’s interest in YouTube to convince me that it is a valid and exciting medium by which to learn, adding to both the self-motivation and enjoyment of music for those who shy away from a traditional sight-reading program.” Vicki also enjoys accompanying and coaching singers, helping them to develop repertoire that strengthens and showcases their own style, range, and personality. “Collaborating to turn a Sting song into a sultry jazz-ballad, or a hymn into a ragtime, would be a really fun way to spend an hour together.”
Artist statement and teaching philosophy
Vicki tells students to practice with the abandon and care-free repetition of a child, but with the discipline and perseverance of an adult. “Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and when you look back you’ll see you really have come a lot farther than you even thought was possible.” And with nearly a 40 year career as a professional (or, at least an elevated amateur), she has covered a lot of ground.
Instruments & classes taught
Vicki oversees The Shedd's musical theatre and keyboard departments and is the lead instructor of its Musical Theatre Training Academy. She also teaches voice.
Aug 2OFAM 2001On the 20th CenturySilva
Aug 3-7OFAM 2002Crazy for You!Silva
Aug 8-15OFAM 2003Guys and DollsSilva
Aug 12OFAM 2003Jeepers Creepers
Aug 16OFAM 2003Fine and DandyJaqua
Oct 16-25Jazz Kings 2003-04It's The Girls!
Aug 3OFAM 2006Cheek To CheekSilva
Oct 12-21Jazz Kings 2006-07A Fine Romance
Nov 30Jazz Kings 2006-07Baby, It's Cold OutsideJaqua
Aug 3-10OFAM 2007South PacificSilva
Aug 4-11OFAM 2007Babes In ArmsSilva
Aug 10OFAM 2007Rodgers & Hart X TwoRecital
Nov 30-Dec 9Jazz Kings 2007-08Mistletoe and Holly
Jul 25-Aug 10OFAM 2008The Wizard of OzSilva
Aug 9OFAM 2008Stage Door CanteenSilva
Oct 16-24Jazz Kings 2008-09It's A Great Feeling!
Dec 4-7Jazz Kings 2008-09Home For The Holidays
Jul 24-Aug 9Shedd Theatricals 2009A Connecticut YankeeJaqua
Dec 4-13Shedd Theatricals 2009White ChristmasJaqua
Dec 4-6Jazz Kings 2009-10Yule Be Swinging!
Jan 29-Feb 7Jazz Kings 2009-10Heart and Soul
Apr 30-May 9Jazz Kings 2009-10'S Wonderful
Jul 23-Aug 7Shedd Theatricals 2010The Boys From SyracuseJaqua
May 6-15Jazz Kings 2010-11Coast To Coast
Dec 8-11Jazz Kings 2011-12Yule Be SwingingJaqua
Feb 2-10Jazz Kings 2011-12Pick Yourself Up
May 9-17Jazz Kings 2012-13You Made Me Love You
Aug 6OFAM 2013Boogie Woogie Bugle BoyJaqua
Dec 12-18Jazz Kings 2013-14Button Up Your Overcoat
Feb 13-22Jazz Kings 2013-14Give Me A Song
May 2-11Jazz Kings 2013-14Bésame Mucho
Aug 7OFAM 2014Over The RainbowJaqua
Oct 9-12Jazz Kings 2014-15Come Fly With Me
Oct 17-18Moombah 2014-15Gloria's Job Hunt!Jaqua
Dec 11-17Jazz Kings 2014-15Let Your Heart Be Light
Feb 6-15Jazz Kings 2014-15Avalon
Mar 14SW 2014-15The Gershwins!Jaqua
May 7-10Jazz Kings 2014-15Why Don't You Do Right?
Oct 22-25Jazz Kings 2015-16Goody Goody
Dec 10-17Jazz Kings 2015-16Swinging On A Star
Jan 29-Feb 7Jazz Kings 2015-16In The Mood
May 19-22SP 2015-16Fever: Remember Peggy LeeJaqua
Jul 8SW 2015-16HAROLD ARLENJaqua
Aug 11OFAM 2016Follow The BoysJaqua
Aug 12OFAM 2016Keep The Home Fires BurningJaqua
Aug 13OFAM 2016Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the PositiveJaqua
Dec 8-14Jazz Kings 2016-17Happy Holiday
Aug 4OFAM 2017Star DustJaqua
Aug 4OFAM 2017They All LaughedJaqua
Aug 10OFAM 2017Star DustJaqua
Aug 11OFAM 2017They All LaughedJaqua
Aug 12OFAM 2017That Old Black MagicJaqua
Oct 27-Nov 5Jazz Kings 2017-18Keep Your Sunny Side Up
Dec 6-13Jazz Kings 2017-18An Old-Fashioned Christmas
Feb 1-11Jazz Kings 2017-18A Pocketful Of Dreams
Aug 2OFAM 2018The Heart and Soul of Frank LoesserJaqua
Aug 3OFAM 2018CenterpieceJaqua
Aug 9OFAM 2018CenterpieceJaqua
Aug 11OFAM 2018The Heart and Soul of Frank LoesserJaqua
Vicki Brabham teaches these Winter Term 2018 courses:
9:30 amPrivate Lesson
9:30 amMTTA Winter 2018
Music School Registrar
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Current Term catalog PDF
Winter Term 2018
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Winter Term 2018
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