Wrappin' It Up in '34
So Long Prohibition, It's Swing Time!
Fri, Oct 22, 8:00 - 10:00 pm
The Elsinor Theater, The Elsinor
Prohibition was repealed in 1933 and the era of speakeasies came to an end. 1935 marked the beginning of the Swing Era and public dance halls. These are the sounds of the music that mark that dramatic transition from the dance bands of Fletcher Henderson, Benny Good­man, Casa Loma, and Jimmy Lunceford (& Ina Ray Hutton!) to such early sound-film stars as Shirley Temple and Fred Astaire.
 The Continental
(1934) The Gay Divorcee
Words by Herb Magidson - Music by Con Conrad
Words by Eddie DeLange - Music by Irving Mills, Will Hudson
 I Cover The Waterfront
Words by Edward Heyman - Music by Johnny Green
 Stompin' At The Savoy
Words by Andy Razaf - Music by Benny Goodman, Edgar Sampson, Chick Webb
 Limehouse Blues
Words by Douglas Furber - Music by Philip Braham
 Love Is Just Around The Corner
(1935) Here Is My Heart
Words & music by Leo Robin, Lewis E. Gensler
 Blue Moon
Words by Lorenz Hart - Music by Richard Rodgers
 My Old Flame
(1934) Belle Of The Nineties
Words & music by Sam Coslow, Arthur Johnston
 Drop Me Off At Harlem
Words by Nick Kenny - Music by Duke Ellington
 You're The Top
(1934) Anything Goes
Words & music by Cole Porter
 Miss Otis Regrets
Words & music by Cole Porter
Featured composers, lyricists, creators
Philip Braham, -
Con Conrad, 1891-1938
Sam Coslow, 1902-1982
Eddie DeLange, 1904-1949
Duke Ellington, 1899-1974
Douglas Furber, 1885-1961
Lewis E. Gensler, 1896-1978
Benny Goodman, 1909-1986
Johnny Green, 1908-1989
Lorenz Hart, 1895-1943
Edward Heyman, 1907-1981
Will Hudson, 1908-1981
Arthur Johnston, 1898-1954
Nick Kenny, -
Herb Magidson, -
Irving Mills, 1894-1985
Cole Porter, 1891-1964
Andy Razaf, 1895-1973
Leo Robin, 1900-1984
Richard Rodgers, 1902-1979
Edgar Sampson, 1907-1973
Chick Webb, 1905-1939
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The Elsinor Theater
The Elsinor Theater

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