I'd Rather Be Blue Over You
(Than Be Happy With Somebody Else)
My Man, (1928)
Billy Rose (w), Fred Fisher (m)
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12/17/1928Fanny BriceVictor2181549261
12/29/1928The Yankee Ten OrchestraOriole14578431
01/02/1929Victor King & His OrchestraConqueror72388431
01/02/1929Lou Gold And His OrchestraRegal8708-B8431
01/09/1929Vincent Richards Dance OrchestraCameo90453574
01/09/1929Levee LoungersPerfect15107A108581
01/09/1929Vincent Richards Dance OrchestraRomeo8493574
01/19/1929Betty GrimesChampion15663G14708
01/19/1929Lee VirginiaGennett6743G14708
02/01/1929Golden Gate OrchestraHarmony840-H147912
02/01/1929Golden Gate OrchestraVelvet Tone1840-V147912
02/05/1929Lou Gold & His OrchestraBanner62598431
1928My Manfilmfilm originalintroduced
I'd Rather Be Blue Over You I'd Rather Be Blue Over You - Fanny Brice