Byron Stripling, director
Get Happy
Judy Garland & Barbra Streisand
Tue, Aug 7, 8:00 - 10:00 pm
Jaqua Concert Hall, The Shedd Institute
Music from the songbooks of Songbook legends Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand takes center stage to delight audiences of all ages. While both Judy and Barbra drew from the rich tradition of the Broadway stage and silver screen, it was their heartfelt delivery on the concert stage that left an indelible imprint on listeners around the world. Trumpet great and festival favorite Byron Stripling and company welcome Siri Vik and Julliette Holliday in an evening which highlights and demonstrates through song the power of these two musical giants.
Event Personnel
Byron Stripling, director, trumpet
Bobby Floyd, piano
Tony Glausi, trumpet
Byron Stripling, trumpet
Jesse Cloninger, reeds
Tom Wakeling, bass
Howard Alden, guitar
Chuck Redd, vibes, drums
 After You've Gone
Words by Henry Creamer - Music by Turner Layton
 When You're Smiling
Words & music by Joe Goodwin, Larry Shay, Mark Fisher
 Get Happy!
(1930) Nine-Fifteen (9:15) Revue
Words by Ted Koehler - Music by Harold Arlen
Words & music by Joe Raposo
 Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart
(1934) Thumbs Up!
Words & music by James F. Hanley
 Over The Rainbow
(1939) The Wizard Of Oz
Words by Yip Harburg - Music by Harold Arlen
 The Trolley Song
(1944) Meet Me In St Louis
Words & music by Ralph Blane, Hugh Martin
 I Can't Give You Anything But Love
(1928) Lew Leslie's Blackbirds of 1928
Words by Dorothy Fields - Music by Jimmy McHugh
 Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody
(1918) Sinbad
Words by Joe Young, Sam Lewis - Music by Jean Schwartz
 Don't Rain On My Parade
(1964) Funny Girl
Words by Bob Merrill - Music by Jule Styne
 The Man That Got Away
(1954) A Star Is Born
Words by Ira Gershwin - Music by Harold Arlen
(1919) Sinbad
Words by Irving Caesar - Music by George Gershwin
 Being Good Isn't Good Enough
(1967) Hallelujah, Baby!
Words by Betty Comden, Adolph Green - Music by Jule Styne
 It Never Was You
(1938) Knickerbocker Holiday
Words by Maxwell Anderson - Music by Kurt Weill
 Happy Days Are Here Again
Words by Jack Yellen - Music by Milton Ager
Featured composers, lyricists, creators
Milton Ager, 1893-1979
Maxwell Anderson, 1888-1959
Harold Arlen, 1905-1986
Ralph Blane, 1914-1995
Irving Caesar, 1895-1996
Betty Comden, 1917-2006
Henry Creamer, 1879-1930
Dorothy Fields, 1905-1975
Mark Fisher, -
George Gershwin, 1898-1937
Ira Gershwin, 1896-1983
Joe Goodwin, -
Adolph Green, 1915-
James F. Hanley, 1892-1942
Yip Harburg, 1896-1981
Ted Koehler, 1894-1973
Turner Layton, 1894-1978
Sam Lewis, 1885-1959
Hugh Martin, 1914-2011
Jimmy McHugh, 1895-1969
Bob Merrill, 1921-1998
Joe Raposo, -
Jean Schwartz, 1878-1956
Larry Shay, -
Jule Styne, 1905-1994
Kurt Weill, 1900-1950
Jack Yellen, 1892-1991
Joe Young, 1889-1939
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Jaqua Concert Hall
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
285 E Broadway
Eugene, Oregon

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