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“I quit because I wasn’t good enough…"
by Ginevra Ralph, Director of Education
I often think we “in the arts” are our own worst enemy when it comes to advocating for arts in K-12 education, let alone for pursuing any art form as an adult. Not being “good enough” is one of the major reasons that adults have identified as to why they stopped making music as a kid. If asked “good enough for whom?”, they typically list “for my mom; for my teacher; and/or for myself”.
Setting some sort of “quality” standard, emphasizing competitions ,or challenging first chair orchestra positions results in the sense that only certain people with certain skills are “good enough to make art”. Nevertheless, as adults we all create things every day; we can’t help it, simply because that is what makes us human. All youngsters need a wide variety of art/crafts experiences throughout their K-12 education to introduce them to the many ways they can create their world around them, be it through painting, music, dance, wood working, jewelry making, pottery, cooking, and more.
The point of this exposure should be to pique curiosity, to make connections with others, to experience a sense of personal accomplishment, and to engender a confidence to pursue these activities later as adults for self-satisfaction. A very, very few people in each of these media may rise to the level of “a great artist”, but the vast majority of us don’t. Should we just quit?
At The Shedd music-making is a non-competitive, non-contact sport! So if your appetite has ever been whetted to try a new instrument, to sing, or to pick up where you left off, talk to us about lessons. At The Shedd, the only person that matters is the student. When he or she is having a great time and feeling fulfilled making music, we assert that that is good enough!
Term Announcements
- Spring classes begin Sunday, April 2.
- Begin private lessons anytime!
- No classes scheduled: Monday, May 29 (Memorial Day).
Focus on the Classes...
kids playing violin
The Music Box
Music Box provides a beginning foundation in music education with hands-on explorations of different instruments, songs and musical styles to help students discover the right “fit” for their musical interests and pick a favorite instrument for further study. Each week introduces a new song from our Music Box CD (ranging from spirituals, folk, jazz, bluegrass and more) followed by a hands-on introduction to a new instrument led by a Shedd Faculty member! Read more...
Singing Club
Adult Singing
Do you like to sing but don't know where to start or need to find a group of friendly folks to sing with? The Shedd offers two classes designed and led by Amy Adams for adults who are interested in recreational group singing:
Musical dancers
Dance at The Shedd
The Shedd Institute Music School offers two dance classes this term, both focussing on dance training for the theatre:
Continuing Musical Theatre Dance Thu (grd 9-adult) Continuing Tap Tue (grd 9-adult)
deer in headlights
Stage Fright Survival
Does the idea of performing or speaking in front of a crowd make you more nervous than excited? Have you always wanted to get up on stage, take a solo in church, or give a speech, but can’t get past your own fears? Has your mind ever gone blank, or your knees started to shake uncontrollably, the moment a spotlight hits you, even when you feel prepared and excited? This new Shedd offering, taught by Phoebe Gildea will help! Read more!
Music School Registrar
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Current Term catalog PDF
Spring Term 2017
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Spring Term 2017
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