Winter Term 2019
The Music Box
Hannah Gabrielson
Background, professional training and performance history
Raised in a family of devout music lovers, Hannah found the joy of singing and songwriting at a young age. When the time came, she attended Brigham Young University, where she received her degree in Commercial Music with an emphasis in Singing and Songwriting. She teaches voice and songwriting alongside her career as an artist.
Artist statement and teaching philosophy
I work closely with students to create a safe environment for learning and growth. We return the voice to its natural state with a science based approach. Each exercise has a purpose to help strengthen the systems used in healthy singing. Through this approach students effectively expand range, improve vocal tone and breath control. Once the voice is optimized through healthy technique, limitations fall to the wayside.
Instruments & classes taught
Hannah teaches voice: singing (Contemporary Voice, Pop, Musical Theater, Broadway Singing, Belt and Audition Prep.) and songwriting (Music Composition [Melody and Harmonic Progressions] and Lyric Writing [Brainstorming Techniques and Writing from Titles], Co-writing)
She taches male and female 5 and up, and has extensive work with individuals with handicaps, learning disabilities and vocal damage due to things like muscular dystrophy, nodes and reflux.
Hannah Gabrielson teaches these Winter Term 2019 courses:
8:00 amPrivate Lesson
4:00 pmMusic Box, grd K-5
Music School Registrar
Winter Term 2019
Weekly Schedule
Winter Term 2019
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