The Emerald City Jazz Kings
The Fabulous Dorseys
Fri, Feb 14, 7:30 - 10:00 pm
Concert Hall, FEC
Everyone knows that Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey each led an outstanding dance band during the swing era. And any one who has seen The Fabulous Dorseys, the marginally accurate 1946 bio-pic about the brothers, knows that they were often the 'battling Dorseys", whose Irish temper drove them apart for many years. What is more important is that they were both superb musicians whose careers covered the almost the entire development of jazz from the early 1920s, when they both played with the Scranton Sirens as teenagers, until the beginnings of rock and roll. We will examine their careers as highly sought after side men in the 1920s; as co-leaders of the Dorsey Brothers Orchestra in 1934-35; as separate leaders of highly successful big bands; and finally as co-leaders during their final years of a band for television which featured, among others, a guest artist named Elvis Presley!
PROGRAM (in chronological order)
 I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You
Words by Ned Washington - Music by George Bassman
 I'll Never Say Never Again Again
Words & music by Harry Woods
(1928) The Awakening
Words & music by Irving Berlin
 John Silver
Music by Jimmy Dorsey, Ray Krise
 The Sheik Of Araby
Words by Harry B. Smith, Francis Wheeler - Music by Ted Snyder
 Pine Top's Boogie Woogie
Music by Pinetop Smith
 The Breeze And I
Words by Al Stillman (en) - Music by Ernesto Lecuona
uses melody of Andalucía
Music by Jimmy Dorsey
 So What
Music by Sy Oliver
Music by William Johnson
 Swanee River
Words & music by Stephen Foster
 For You
Words by Al Dubin - Music by Joe Burke
 Green Eyes
Words by Adolfo Utrera (sp), Eddie Rivera (en), Eddie Woods (en) - Music by Nilo Menéndez
 Blue Champagne
Words & music by Grady Watts, Frank Ryerson
 Swingin' On Nothin'
Words by William Moore - Music by Sy Oliver
 Violets For Your Furs
Words by Matt Dennis - Music by Tom Adair
 Not So Quiet, Please
Music by Sy Oliver
 Well, Git It!
Music by Sy Oliver
 Mandy Make Up Your Mind
(1924) Dixie To Broadway
Words by Roy Turk, Grant Clarke - Music by Arthur Johnston, George W. Meyer
 Star Eyes
(1943) I Dood It
Words & music by Don Raye, Gene de Paul
 On The Sunny Side of the Street
(1930) Lew Leslie's International Revue
Words by Dorothy Fields - Music by Jimmy McHugh
 Opus One
Words by Sid Garris - Music by Sy Oliver
 Then I'll Be Happy
Words by Lew Brown, Sidney Clare - Music by Cliff Friend
 Super Chief
Music by Jimmy Dorsey, Lou Carter, Herb Ellis
 Baby, Baby All The Time
Words & music by Bobby Troup
 Pussy Willow
Music by Bill Finegan
 So Rare
Words by Jack Sharpe - Music by Jerry Herst
Featured composers, lyricists, creators
Tom Adair, -
George Bassman, 1914-1997
Irving Berlin, 1888-1989
Lew Brown, 1893-1958
Joe Burke, -
Lou Carter, -
Sidney Clare, -
Grant Clarke, 1891-1931
Gene de Paul, 1919-1988
Matt Dennis, -
Jimmy Dorsey, 1904-1957
Al Dubin, 1891-1945
Herb Ellis, -
Dorothy Fields, 1905-1975
Bill Finegan, -
Stephen Foster, 1826-1864
Cliff Friend, 1893-1974
Sid Garris, -
Jerry Herst, -
William Johnson, -
Arthur Johnston, 1898-1954
Ray Krise, -
Ernesto Lecuona, 1895-1963
Jimmy McHugh, 1895-1969
Nilo Menéndez, 1902-1987
George W. Meyer, 1884-1959
William Moore, -
Sy Oliver, 1910-1988
Don Raye, 1909-1985
Eddie Rivera, -
Frank Ryerson, -
Jack Sharpe, -
Pinetop Smith, 1904-1929
Harry B. Smith, 1860-1936
Ted Snyder, 1881-1965
Al Stillman, 1906-
Bobby Troup, 1918-1999
Roy Turk, 1892-1934
Adolfo Utrera, -
Ned Washington, 1901-1976
Grady Watts, -
Francis Wheeler, -
Eddie Woods, -
Harry Woods, 1896-1970
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Concert Hall
Florence Events Center
715 Quince St
Florence, Oregon
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